Scaling of membranes emerges out to be a thoughtful botheration in the water treatment industries as it induces plugging off the membranes due to build ups of deposited particles. Scale formation generally develop due to precipitation of sparingly soluble salts such as calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate, etc. which are very commonly found in natural water at high concentration. The blockage took place normally due to scaling results in the decline of permeates flux, thus decreasing performance level of the process and enhancing the operation cost.

RO Membrane Antiscalant, manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited, exhibits to be a liquid formulation especially particularizes for reverse osmosis membrane systems. Antiscalants are substances used for inhibition of formation and precipitation for crystallized mineral salts that generally results into scale deposition on membranes. Chemtex strongly assures 80% reduction in scaling tendencies by RO Membrane Antiscalant if used on a continuous basis. It appears to be high performance scale inhibitors for water with silica upto 175 ppm, Langelier Saturation Index upto +2.7, Iron upto 1.4 ppm in reject, and high SDI. This product helps in the cunctation of the growth of the crystalline salt structures in the RO Feed Water. It counters and minimizes the shutting down of the plants and membrane cleaning cost.


RO Membrane Antiscalant delivers a high rate of recovery and requires a lower chemical dosage in compared to other antiscalant products. It exhibits efficacy in iron sequestration and thus aids in preventing fouling due to iron. It shows compatibility with all types of membranes and is a completely biodegradable product. This product aids in the extension of RO system run times, reduction in the frequencies in cleaning of membranes and enhancement of the overall productive and operative life of the Reverse Osmosis elements. RO Membrane Antiscalant, therefore performs efficiently to cut through scale deposition and hence tapper off fouling of membranes, regardless of the source of the feed water.

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