Improper refrigerant levels, dirty coils, and worn out compressors or condensers can result in inefficient performance of air conditioning system. An inefficient system tends to force the compressor to work harder than is required decreasing its life span and thereby leading to higher energy bills.

The primary energy required in operating an air conditioning system comes from the compression of refrigerant. The hotter the compressor receives the processed refrigerant, the more energy is necessary to force it through the condenser. The refrigerant needs to become cold enough to absorb more heat from the process, therefore an external chiller such as an open evaporative condenser or air blast unit is required. It is crucial for effective air-conditioning operation that the condenser is able to easily reject heat through the cooling airflow and the heat exchanger coils. Energy consumption builds up as the refrigerant vapor pressure increases, where the refrigerant is not sufficiently cooled by the condenser. The coils must be free of dirt and debris in order to achieve this.

Coil Cleaner is a high performance metal brightener for mild steel, steel and aluminium that leaves the fins and coil shining bright as new after cleaning. Coil cleaner manifests as a brightening agent and concentrated coil cleaning. It is based on a concoction of inorganic acids and solvents with dye, inhibitors and foaming agents. It is useful in cleaning and removing of dirt, solid cementious deposits, carbon, etc. from cooling coils.


Companies specializing in manufacturing air conditioning chemicals aids in addressing these issues that is typically faced on a daily basis and thereby helps in improving the overall operational efficiency. There are a range of Coil Cleaning products such as Alkaline Coil Cleaner, Acid Coil Cleaner, Self Rinsing Coil Cleaner, etc finding applications in Cement, Glass & Ceramics, Power Station, Marine & Automobile, Iron & Steel, Heavy Engineering Industries, Petrochemicals & Refineries, etc.

Acid Coil Cleaner helps to bring the original lustre back to the cleaned and shining bright aluminium surface. It is used by beverage, breweries, hospital and dairy industry for cleaning of organic, inorganic soils and scale deposits commonly found in equipments, road tankers, water tanks, bright beer tanks, plate type heat exchangers, milk containers or vessels, aluminum fins and AHU coils etc.

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