On account of its easy availability, low economic cost, good tensile strength, ease of fabrication and other indispensable properties, Mild steel is readily used in various industries. Mild steel or in that case any metal have to undergo processes like acid cleaning or other chemical processes wherein there occurs severe chances of corrosion when these metals come in contact with acid solutions. This acidic corrosion can take place due to the corrosive nature of acids such as citric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and many more.

Acidic Corrosion is responsible for wearing away of material gradually by acidic compounds. This acidic corrosion is referred to as an electrochemical process which gets directed by the diffusion of moisture, oxygen and availability of acidic pollutant on the metal surfaces.

Therefore, this leads to the requirement of acid inhibitors to help in limiting the acid attack on base metal, thereby helping in to reduce the economic loss in various industrial sectors. The type and concentration of the acid inhibitor used is generally derived by the type and properties of the metal to be protected, the conditions under which the metal is to be treated as well as the acid which have caused the corrosion to occur.


Citric Acid serves as an efficient descaling chemical that is utilized for the removal of lime scale from metal surfaces that comes in contact with hot water. Citric Acid is used for the removal of lime scale from boilers and evaporators. In this process, being a corrosive acid, it may lead to corrosion of the internal or external metal surfaces, thereby bringing about an economic and operation loss for the company. Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures a product, Citric Acid Inhibitor, is composed of superior grade corrosion inhibitors to provide excellent protection to metal surfaces against corrosive properties of the organic acid - citric acid. It is widely known for its inimitable characteristics like excellent corrosion protection, precise pH value adjustment, exceptional pickling and easily soluble with various acid concentrations. This Citric Acid Inhibitor is used in food processing unit, beverage and breweries processing.

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