Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) can assimilate and hold a great degree of fluid with respect to their own particular mass. Water-retaining polymers, which are delegated hydrogel polymers when cross-connected, absorb fluids through hydrogen bonding with water. SAP’s capacity to retain water is an element of the ionic concentration of the watery arrangement. In de-ionized and refined water, a SAP might assimilate nearly 300 times its weight (from 30 to 60 times its own particular volume).

A Hydrogel is a system of polymer chains that are hydrophilic in which water is the dispersion medium. Hydrogels are exceedingly spongy (they can store more than 90% water) normal or synthetic polymeric systems. Hydrogel polymers likewise have a level of adaptability fundamentally same to natural tissue, because of their huge water content.

Hydrogel polymer is a water absorption agent that once added to soil or substrate will absorb and hold vast amounts of water and supplements, nearly up to 400 times its own particular weight.


Features & Benefits:

1. Increases the water holding capacity of soil for several years

2. Reduces the irrigation frequency by 50%

3. Reduces the evaporation rate from the soil

4. Improves the physical properties of the soil enhancing aeration

5. Enhances plant growth, with water and nutrients being continuously available in the root zone for absorption by the plants

6. Protects the environment against drought and groundwater pollution

Hydrogel uses:

1. Prevent dehydration of the seedlings

2. Reduce transplanting shock and thereby reduce mortality rate of the plants

3. Mixed with cellulose mulch, it helps in stabilizing newly graded soils which are able to maintain a minimum amount of surface water


4. Used in large scale farming, it increases soil aeration, enhancing germination and development of roots

5. When mixed with fertilizers, it can stably provide fertile nutrients to the roots for a longer time


6. Reduces water stress by reducing irrigation frequencies by 30% - 50 %

This aqua absorbent will just utilize the saved water at the time of need, permitting a superior agriculture yield. The monomers act as “mini water reservoirs” in soil, and water will be used from these reservoirs upon the root demand through osmotic pressure difference. Hydrogel Polymers have a controlled release system by favouring the uptake of some nutrient elements, holding them tightly, and delaying their dissolution.

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