Disinfectants are referred to as antimicrobial agents that when applied to non-living objects help in destroying microorganisms already living on the objects. The term disinfection does not necessarily mean killing of all microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores. Disinfectants function by bringing about the destruction of the cell wall of microbes or restricting their metabolism. This process is found to be less effective than sterilization, which serves as an extreme chemical and/or physical process that aids in killing all types of life. These disinfectants are of various types depending upon their mode of action or area of action namely Air Disinfectants, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Oxidizing Agents, Silver, Phenolics, etc.

Among the Oxidizing Agents, Hydrogen Peroxide is hailed as one of the efficient disinfectant having a wide array of action. Hydrogen peroxide manifests itself as a chemical compound with the formula H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide serves as the simplest peroxide compound that finds use as a disinfectant, strong oxidizer and bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide tends to attack different pollutants by changing the reaction conditions.


Hydrogen peroxide has been in use for varied applications owing to its very selective nature. One drawback of Hydrogen Peroxide is that it is not stable which suggests that it slowly decomposes in water and in presence of oxygen. Silver-nitrate that aids in the prevention of the slow decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is added to the product to stabilize this compound. This silver when added to the hydrogen peroxide also functions as an activator of H2O2 when exposed to pollution.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectant, manufactured by ISO 9001 certified company Chemtex Speciality Limited, has been designed as an amalgamation of Hydrogen Peroxide IP Grade with Silver Nitrate IP grade along with various stabilizers. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectant - A potent sterilant has been formulated to be used for multiple applications to disinfect water, air and surface. This product has been stabilized and manufactured through pressure, temperature and pH controlled process. The Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectant offered by Chemtex Speciality Limited has an FDA approved composition and is proven to be non-toxic for use in CIP disinfection of food and beverage equipments, potable water disinfection, etc. It serves as a cold sterilant that is effective over a large range of micro-organisms at very low concentration.

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