Mostly all industries are involved in dealing with metals of variable kind either as raw materials for their production or as parts of machineries necessary for carrying out their diurnal operations. Continued use of these metals or metal parts shows tendency of forming rust or gets damaged due to scaling. Acidic treatment is carried out on the metal surfaces in order to provide protection to these metals against issues like scaling and rusting. For aiding in the removal of rust and scale, these metal parts get dipped in acid baths. Many acids extend their services of protecting the metals from rusting; one such acid being Sulfuric Acid.

Sulfuric Acid poses as a strong acid that is generally manufactured by dissolving sulfur trioxide in water. It is an oily viscous corrosive liquid that gets dissociated fully in aqueous solution which shows the higher strength of the acid. Sulfuric Acid acts as an effective protonating agent that also moderately functions as an oxidizing agent. Since this acid is highly corrosive, it always tends to abrade metals even after the removal of scale or rust. The sulphate anion content of the acidic solution acts a decisive part in the dependence of the rate of corrosion on the acid concentration.


Corrosion is basically an electrochemical process where the acid plays the role of electrolyte and the metal surface acts as cathodic and anodic side. During the reaction some parts of the metal surface which act as anode, starts losing ions from it to acid. This part of the metal surface generates free electrons. On the other hand, parts which act as cathode start gaining up such ions and reduce the hydrogen ions which results in the formation of a current. As this current flow the anodic side loses ions and corrodes.

On pretext of this, acid corrosion inhibitors have been manufactured to be added to these acid solutions during treatment of metal surfaces to prevent them from corrosion. Chemtex Speciality Limited is involved in manufacturing Sulfuric Acid Inhibitor which serves as an acidic blend of compounds exhibiting inhibiting properties. This Sulfuric Acid Inhibitor functions as a strong foaming inhibitor that has been designed to be used in batch pickling method with sulfuric acid for all kinds of steels and alloys at any concentration.

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